Tugu, in Indonesian Malay language, means 'monument'. Whereas the first Tugu in East Java received its name for its location facing the central monument in the downtown colonial-era Malang in East Java, now the Tugu Hotels & Exotic Spas in Bali, Lombok, Blitar and Malang, all stand as monuments of forgotten art, culture and romance of the thousand-years-old Indonesian archipelago.

The creation of all of these luxury boutique hotels are forever surrounded by romantic history. The Hotel Tugu Bali, for example, 15 minutes from Seminyak and 10 minutes from Kerobokan and the famous Tanah Lot temple, has been constructed in the serene, magical sunset beach of Canggu, to house a priceless artwork that Tugu's proprietor Anhar Setjadibrata had found at this very same beach, when he was a poor student in the 1960s. Now the homes of the thousands pieces of private Southeast Asian art and antique collection of Anhar, the Tugu Bali, Lombok, Malang, and Blitar, quietly present to the world the real romance of Java, Bali and Lombok.
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