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Iwa Restaurant at Hotel Tugu Bali

Inviting diners to join ‘A Culinary Journey throughout the Indonesian Archipelago’, the restaurant features an extensive menu of authentic Indonesian cuisine made with passed down recipes done with a contemporary approach. The name of the restaurant derived from the legend of Kebo Iwa, a Balinese history that was written in ancient historical manuscripts from the 12th century about a kind-hearted, very strong giant who were feared by the Majapahit people.
ji terrace by the sea at hotel tugu bali

Ji Terrace By The Sea

Ji Terrace by THE SEA takes you on a journey to the heart of Indonesia, Japan, India, and Thailand with contemporary & playful Japanese & Asian inspired dishes and a 180 degrees undisturbed view over the sparkling Indian Ocean and Canggu Beach. The cocktails take a similar inspiration as the food – with Asian infused premium spirits, concocted to be sipped over the DJ’s seductive tunes from sunset to evening, as you enjoy Bali beach life to the fullest.

Ji at Bale Sutra

At the heart of Ji Restaurant is Bale Sutra, a Kang XI period temple from 1706 that originated from China. This temple had been brought by some of the first immigrants that landed in Bali, and finally was rescued from the ruins by the Tugu founder and designer, Anhar Setjadibrata. Inside the Bale Sutra temple is an assemblage of majestic ancient arts and antiquities that carry the rich history left by the Chinese Peranakan immigrants as well as traces of the Japanese occupation in Indonesia in the 1940s.

Our Dining Experiences

Live Balinese Dance & Music Performance

Every Thursday – 7.30 pm 

As a commitment in bringing back to life the art, soul and romance of Indonesia, weekly cultural evening showcases rarely performed, classical dances of old Bali to revive and preserve the almost forgotten stories from the past. Performed at the stage of the majestic Bale Agung, gvisitor and residents can witness genuine Balinese performances in an authentic atmosphere. Spoil your sense as you indulge in a lavish Tugu style dining experience that transports you to the romantic eras of Indonesian history.

Royal Tugudom

The Royal Tugudom dining experience tells the story of the grand dining ceremonies of the royal expeditions of King Hayam Wuruk of the Majapahit Kingdom through vast areas including Bali. In Tugu’s Royal Tugudom dining, a parade of staff appears in the costumes of thevillagers, soldiers and dancers who would attend to the King and his entourage and they serve you just as they might a Royal guest, loving every moment of the charade that takes all participants back to a glorious time of feasting and merriment.

*Bookings must be made at least 3 days prior.

Cooking Class

With us, a cooking class is not just about cooking food, but also a unique experience that introduces to guests a tradition hundreds of years old simplicity and exotic richness of Indonesian dining and cooking culture. The classes began by choosing the dishes they most prefer from Iboe Soelastri’s, who began her journey of cooking with her grandmother when she was just four years old, large collection of Javanese and Balinese recipes, continued with a visit to traditional market before the hands-on cooking experience starts.

Grand Rijsttafel

The most elaborate and lavish dining ceremonial ever existed in the colonial times in Batavia (Jakarta during the colonial time). Created by the inland Dutch to explore the best of what Indonesian food has to offer, the grand meal used to be served at the most high-end dinner for the Dutch officials at that time. The grandiose atmosphere is built upon the sumptuous menu on the table: Mounts of yellow rice surrounded by sampling of different Indonesian dishes varying in spices, color and flavors. It is a true journey for the taste buds.


Royal Balinese Megibung

Megibung is an exotic occasion of ancient Balinese dining, usually made for family gatherings, meeting or functions. In Megibung, the chair-less sitting arrangements are made from the north-end of the table, starting with the oldest member and ending with the youngest member at the other end of the long table. Each member of the gathering wears traditional Balinese clothing. Originally this traditional dining was held for every Balinese gathering, however these days this way of dining can only be found in few isolated villages in Bali.

Aphrodisiac Picnic In Bed

As the sunset goes down behind the Indian Ocean, enter another world of dreamlike atmosphere filled with candlelight and magical sounds. For a romantic evening with your lover, bring romance to another height – Tugu style. Book your 18th century antique bed, solo on a beach or on the seaview rooftop, illuminated by oil lanterns and a red dusky Canggu sky, where you will be tucked in for a little private gourmet picnic under the moonlight – that ends with being blindfolded as you dive in to your to-die-for desserts.

Afternoon Tea Jajan Pasar

The Sunset High Tea is set up in the lobby verandah, every afternoon from 4.30 pm until 6 pm, inspired by traditional Indonesian “Jajan Pasar”, offering a selection of local delicacies from all over Indonesia. Enjoy a wide selection of coffees and teas as the sun sets over Canggu Beach and linger over the magical colors illuminating the nature surrounding Hotel Tugu Bali. The dessert selection changes daily, complemented with varieties of tea leaves and Indonesian coffees, such as Balinese Coffee, Toraja Coffee, and Tugu’s own Kawisari Coffee from its Blitar plantation.

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Ji Kabuki Dining

Ji Kabuki Dining is bringing back to life a heralded tradition with a theatrical and interactive dining experience through a lavish merry dining parade in Kabuki-inspired costumes, samurais & geishas, chanting comical poems and playing instruments, to present a truly fun dining experience, while enjoying delectable dishes of elegant Japanese contemporary cuisine done in the Bale Sutra 1706 – a 310 year old Kang XI period temple that has been reconstructed carrying the rich history left by the Chinese Peranakan immigrants as well as traces of the Japanese occupation in Indonesia in the 1940s.

Waroeng Tugu

The concept of Waroeng Tugu is to recreate a ‘lifestyle experience’ of the Javanese and Balinese people in the past, to show how they ate at the comfort of their own homes and at the “waroeng” a simple traditional hut used to eat lunch and dinner. Waroeng Tugu offers a peek into their way of daily living, the jovial and sometimes noisy household, the flavorful bites of  its delicacies of hand-downs recipes and special condiments, the tradition in prepation, and especially, the history that runs deep in the community.

Djamoe Indonesian Wellness Class

Djamoe is a mixture of traditional herbs and spices, used for healing and rejuvenation, which takes form in mixtures that are drunk and mixtures that are applied to the outer part of the body. Traditional ‘Djamoe’ comes from the island of Java, and have evolved since hundred of years through generations. This belief was quickly spread among the villagers especially in Central Java which almost all of the villagers use “Djamoe” in their daily life for wellness purposes. Experience this part of Indonesian tradition with Djamoe class; which takes 1 hour up to 1,5 hour.
lobster bbq hotel tugu

Full Moon BBQ

The Full Moon BBQ is the one dining experience where guests can be one with nature. The BBQ features a selection of fresh ocean catches – lobsters, fish, king prawns, crabs and squid bought from the local fishermen of Canggu on arrival from their night trips on the Indian Ocean. Simply grilled, the seafood is served with a sambal matah, the famous Balinese shallot dressing, Sambal Terasi a Javanese chili and shrimp sauce, Sambal Kecap made from shallots and sweet soy sauce, lemon butter sauce and a selection of other condiments that bring all the flavour of the seafood to your palate.

Romantic Candle Light Dinner

Celebrate your love in a place where timeless romance and exotic luxuries blend in perfect harmony. Whether it is an intimate table for 2 on a torch-lit beach; an open-air candlelit hut for two above the wild lotus pond, a private table by the swimming pool, or in any parts of our lush tropical garden, all you have to do is to point at your favorite spot and let us know, and we will create a dining location for you wherever you wish. As the sun sets into the Indian Ocean, enter the dreamlike world of Tugu, an atmospheric romance of candlelight and magical sounds.

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