JI Restaurant Bali

Housed in a reconstructed 311 years old temple with a terrace to a 180 degrees ocean view. Ji Terrace by the SEA & Ji at Bale Sutra 1706 serve simply the best Japanese contemporary cuisine and Asian inspired cocktails on the island
ji terrace by the sea at hotel tugu bali

Ji Terrace By The Sea

Ji Terrace by THE SEA takes you on a journey to the heart of Indonesia, Japan, India, and Thailand with contemporary & playful Japanese & Asian inspired dishes and a 180 degrees undisturbed view over the sparkling Indian Ocean and Canggu Beach. The cocktails take a similar inspiration as the food – with Asian infused premium spirits, concocted to be sipped over the DJ’s seductive tunes from sunset to evening, as you enjoy Bali beach life to the fullest.

Ji at Bale Sutra

At the heart of Ji Restaurant is Bale Sutra, a Kang XI period temple from 1706 that originated from China. This temple had been brought by some of the first immigrants that landed in Bali, and finally was rescued from the ruins by the Tugu founder and designer, Anhar Setjadibrata. Inside the Bale Sutra temple is an assemblage of majestic ancient arts and antiquities that carry the rich history left by the Chinese Peranakan immigrants as well as traces of the Japanese occupation in Indonesia in the 1940s.

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