The Art, Soul,
Romance of Indonesia

Hotel Tugu Blitar

The Art, Soul and Romance of Indonesia

Hotel Tugu Blitar, unprecedentedly the best hotel and restaurant in Blitar, East Java, is housed in a colonial building that was built in the 1850s, and was previously owned by a distinguished family of Blitar. After the second World War, the hotel was called Hotel Centrum; many years after the name was changed to Hotel Sri Lestari – and later become Tugu – Sri Lestari.

Being the oldest hotel in Indonesia, the hotel building appears as a beautiful East Javanese mansion from the Dutch colonial times, with giant white-washed pillars, furniture from the late 19th century and the early 20th century, nostalgic photographs and elegant chandeliers. The building was carefully renovated to its every detail in the beginning of this century, to preserve its artistic, charismatic, and historical characters but blending them with modern luxuries.

To discover the real, unspoiled East Java means a visit to the town and surroundings of Blitar. Blitar is where most of the remains of Majapahit Kingdom still stand timeless, including the largest and most beautiful Hindu temple complex in East Java, Candi Penataran. This nostalgic town portrays the untouched, exotic Java, surrounded by some beautiful, unspoilt beaches, tropical landscape, beautiful rice fields and countryside sceneries. It also has a romantic flair of the early days of Indonesia; in fact Blitar is where Soekarno, Indonesia’s first president who proclaimed the independence of this country, was born and buried.

  • We bought three nights at this hotel through a charity auction and were not disappointed. The main building and entrance are beautiful and extremely atmospheric. The staff were wonderful - kind and helpful; they made us feel like family. The Indonesian food is delicious (particularly the nasi pecel) and we enjoyed daily afternoon tea. On our first full day, we went on a cycle tour, guided by Mas Najib, who was brilliant. We visited some very interesting home industries. The hotel organised a driver to take us to Mount Kelud and Penataran Temple on our second day and, on our third, the hotel organised becaks to take us to the traditional market, guided again by Mas Najib. Another great experience. We both enjoyed massages in the spa and, one evening, had a candlelit dinner in the hotel grounds. Just before leaving, one of the housekeeping staff helped us to orchestrate a "photo shoot" in the room stayed in by President Sukarno. We left with these photos and many other happy memories of our time at Tugu Blitar. Highly recommended.

    Jennifer Jane Simmons
  • The hotel is a pleasure to stay in and just a little bit below in room facilities but it's definitely very pleasant , just go with the flow and enjoy.. the restaurant is very good and the staff are first class. Recommended..

  • This tranquil five-star hotel boasts the heritage of the archipelago’s largest kingdom, Majapahit.

  • The experience is part luxury pleasure palace, and part exotic history lesson.

    Asean Tripper
  • This is small hotel but probably the best you can find in Blitar. We stay in Superior room. The room is old but clean and cozy. I love the bathroom. It's a semi outdoor bathroom and has a little garden inside. The whole hotel is beautiful. Decorated with antique stuffs. It's like a mini museum because you can find some of Soekarno's history in this hotel. The complimentary afternoon tea is pleasant. They served traditional javaneese snack. The breakfast was traditional javanesse food, the taste is so so but i love the breakfast ambience.

  • Beautiful artwork and antiques bear a loving testament to the culture of the isle.

    Marie Claire
  • Ancient history in a modern paradise setting.

    Globe Asia
  • A small hotel in sleepy blitar but service is top notch. staff gave me a warm welcome and called me by name throughout my stay. one off-duty staff even greeted me when i bumped into him as i wandered off to the main square. price includes a very filling, very delicious breakfast and tea and snacks for tea time. make sure you go to candi panataran. impressive, well preserved ruins and not crowded at all (bring sunscreen to reapply, sun was scorching and i got sunburnt!) if i ever go back to blitar, i would definitely stay here again.

    WalkWalkTalk Jakarta
  • Turning a love for Indonesian art and antiques into luxury museum hotels

    The temple whispe
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