Sang Fajar Suite

Hotel Tugu Blitar Sang Fajar 2

Step back in time and experience the grandiosity of the Sang Fajar Suite, a room dedicated to Soekarno, Indonesia’s First President and Proclamator from the Dutch colonial era to the early years of independence. Soekarno, a handsome man who was so loved by the people of Indonesia for his charming charisma, was born and buried in Blitar, his hometown. This grand yet beautifully simple room was the headquarter of a young, high-spirited and nationalistic team of intellectuals, from where they set up a whole nation and brought millions of people together. .

With a separate living room and bedroom, this 80m² suite features a magnificent, hand-carved Javanese bed in emperor size, art-deco antique furniture, and old photographs and memorabilias of the late president. The design is grand, elegant but humble at the same time – a style of the earlier years of Indonesia, portraying the personality of President Soekarno. Enjoy a complimentary welcome massage when you book the Sang Fajar Suite. The suite is also a unique place to host private events or meetings for up to 35 people.

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