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Bicycle Day Trips

The pristine East Java countryside is best discovered on a good old bicycle, where off-the-beaten paths tempt with natural beauty and unspoiled wonders, where history and culture are preserved and celebrated, where tales of romance and mythical legends echo through the town lanes…


Cooking Class

Indonesia is a blessed country rich in history, arts, cultures and traditions. Its diverse cuisine is a celebration of this wealth. Hotel Tugu Blitar introduces a unique hands-on kitchen experience that exposes guests to centuries-old tradition in Indonesian gastronomy, speficially Javanese cuisine, embracing authentic, indigenous cooking techniques and ingredients. Glimpse into the beautiful simplicity and exotic richness of Indonesian cooking and dining culture. .

The half-day cooking class starts with a becak (cycle rickshaw) trip to the local market for fresh ingredients, and cooking in a kitchen designed to resemble an Indonesian streetside food stall from centuries ago. The class covers the techniques of making and presenting traditional Javanese dishes such as Nasi Goreng and ethnic delicacies like Kue Lumpur Telo Ungu and Kue Cara Isi.

The Cooking Class is offered at USD 79.00 net/person, with a minimum of two participants (single supplement: USD 12.00). The price of the 90-minute class includes a traditional Indonesian lunch and a Tugu apron.

The prices are net and valid until 31 March 2018.


Exotic Treats in Nature

A journey to unwind and relax in the tranquility of Java’s nature

Hotel Tugu Blitar is pleased to offer the Exotic Treats in Nature – a journey to unwind and relax in the tranquility of Java’s nature.


Gamelan Class

Experience the splendour of Javanese traditional instrument presented by esteemed gamelan musicians. Hotel Tugu Blitar’s Gamelan Class is designed to provide an insight into the significance of art to the Javanese, in everyday practice and in an spiritual context. Don’t miss this exciting chance!


The Hidden Treasures

Blitar is a small charming town surrounded by the remains of the Majapahit Kingdom hundreds of years ago. It is also the hometown of Soekarno, the legendary first President and proclamator of Indonesia’s independence, where he was then buried and paid tribute until this very day. The surroundings and the road to Blitar are bordered by beautiful rice fields and countryside sceneries of East Java, whereas the beaches around Blitar present the natural untouched beauty of the South Sea. Hotel Tugu Blitar offers unique expeditions to discover the true beauty of East Java.


A Perfect day at the secret cove

You are invited to experience a remote place of beauty and serenity, a secret cove of white sand beach and crystal clear waters, an endless summer day all to yourself. To get there, stroll along the pristine countryside of East Java and don’t forget to greet the friendly village farmers along the way.

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