Begin your wedding at Sang Hyang Purnama, an open air wedding altar under the moon, by the waters edge and the sparkling sea of Lombok. Inspired by wedding blessings of ancient times, a couple is one with the resplendent nature that surrounds them, the universe plays a special role on this day.
Following the beach wedding, celebrate with an elegant wedding reception at Gedong Gandrung which depicts the love story of Rama and Sinta. Princess Sinta was separated for thirteen long years from her beloved prince, Rama, when she was kidnapped by the giant Rahwana. A gient chandelier at the Gedong Gandrung is shaped after the magical, powerful bird who had helped re-unite the love of Rama and Sinta
The Facilities
  • Beach lawn venue with long pristine sand beach and framed by Mountain Rinjani to the east
  • Open-air wedding altar under the moon by the water edge and the sparkling sea
  • Spacious 4-storey dining area up to 250 guest
  • 36 rooms include 12 bungalows and 24 suites including beachfront, sea view or lush gardens, indoor or outdoor baths with every units features beautiful art works and is tucked into private tropical
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