Apsara Residence


Once upon a time in Java, there was a romantic legend of a young handsome prince who prayed for a most beautiful princess to be his wife to love. The Gods finally answered his prayers, and send the most beautiful Apsara dancer from Nirvana (Apsaras were the dancers of Gods, kings and knights). Apsara flew down and danced at the prince’s royal chamber over three consequent full moons, and by the end of the third full moon she realized she had fallen in love with the prince as well. This 200m² residence is inspired by the prince’s chamber where Apsara had flown into and danced under the moonlight. It consists of one private spa, ‘Hall of Dancers’; an antique canopy with a large outdoor tub; a separate romantic dining area; as well as a spacious sleeping suite with a beautiful antique 3.5-meter wide bed.

Special features:

This masterpiece suite is dedicated to honor King Jayawarman II from the end of the 8th century and also King Suryawarman II who built Angkor Temple in Cambodian at the beginning of the 12th century. The story describes Jayawarman II as a young prince who came from or once lived in Java and built a powerful kingdom in Champa at the end of the 8th century. He ruled the kingdom for 48 years. During that period of time, the region, which presently known as Cambodia, was still in the form of small separated kingdoms.

Four hundred years later (approx, dated 1113), Suryawarman II built the Angkor Temple in Siem Reap and carved 2000 Apsara dancers on its walls. The Apsaras on the temple’s walls were meant to be the dancers for the Gods, Kings and Heroes.


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