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Hotel Tugu Malang’s stunning function rooms offer a range of options for any occasion. All of our venues are flexible and can be easily transformed into a luxurious private dining room, a romantic wedding venue, or an exotic lounge for cocktails and canapés. We also have an open-space area for an event with larger number of participants.

Set up to our clients’ exact specifications, the venues are perfect for breakfasts, lunches, dinners, high teas, cocktail parties, product launches, concerts, meetings, weddings, conferences and banquets.

Hotel Tugu Malang


A surreally romantic, gigantic open-space area with a large stage, that appear to have existed only in the tales of the 1,001 Nights, the Sahara features a combination of masterpieces of arts and brilliant thoughts of the world’s great artists from the Art Nouveau and Art Deco periods. The Sahara Tugu starts with the Endless Love Avenue, a romantic passageway basked in violet shades and ends with a gigantic mosaic picture of Gustav Klimts ‘The Kiss’. The Sahara accommodates outdoor parties for 300 – 1,500 persons.

Capacity : 800 persons (standing party)
400 persons (round tables setting)
Hotel Tugu Malang


This Ballroom, fully air-conditioned, has a maximum capacity of 400 persons, and is well-equipped with electronic and audiovisual set. A perfect venue for beautiful weddings, seminars or other special events, this ballroom is decorated with oval antique mirrors, colonial style chandeliers, elegant ornaments inspired by the decoration of Javanese Palace Lobby and wooden flooring.
Size & Dimension: 12×25 m, or 300 m2

Capacity : 400 persons ( theatre setting )
150 persons ( round table setting )
130 persons ( classroom setting )


Exquisite, extraordinarily romantic dining hall, scattered with red roses and dimly lit chandeliers, inspired by the exotic places of the Silk Road and the Spice Route. The Silk Road consists of four rooms that can be booked for private dinners, functions, or parties individually or in conjunction with each other: the Tirta Gangga, the Persian Room, the Kubilai Khan Chamber, and the Marco Polo. Reservation is required at least one day in advance; please contact our Duty Manager at ext. 500 for further information.
Size & Dimension: 23 x 11m, or 253 m2

Capacity : 60 persons (round tables setting)
75 persons (theatre setting)
60 persons (classroom setting)
Hotel Tugu Malang


This room brings back to presence the living extravagance of one of the richest men in Southeast Asia who lived in Java in the early 20th century; a timeless legend, the Southeast Asian sugar baron, Oei Tiong Ham. This room features very rare and exquisite Chinese antiquities that originated from the periods between the Han Dinasty and the Ching Dinasty, as well as the original table of Oei Tiong Ham himself.
Size & Dimension: 7 x 9 m, or 63 m2

Capacity : 25 persons (U-shape setting)
35 persons (double U-shape setting)
Hotel Tugu Malang


Bangsal Merah Boepati, a tribute to the East Java history from mid-18th century to the end of 20th century, is based on the lives of the regents of East Java, successors of Kyai Brondong through several generations. Research reveals that the two regents who once ruled Surabaya together got into a war against each other. As a result one of the regents’ sisters ran away and seeked for shelter in a ship that belonged to a man of the Ching Dinasty, who arrived in Java in 1754. They then married and began the Tjoa Dinasty in Indonesia. As years passed, later successors of regents of Surabaya also formed friendships with several Straits Chinese figures of Java, such as The Toan Eng, Tjoa Sien Hie, etc. Some of the artworks related to these late regents, discovered by Tugu Hotels, demonstrate a fusion between traditional Javanese culture and Straits Chinese influence.
The Bangsal Merah Boepati can be used to house smaller conferences, lunches, dinners, and other events up to 20 guests.
Size & Dimension: 7 x 9 m, or 63 m2

Capacity : 25 persons (U-shape setting)
35 persons (double U-shape setting)
30 persons (Round Table setting)
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