Fill your wedding ceremony and celebration with meaningful, beautiful rituals to bless the couple for a life filled with harmony, love and happiness. Accompanied by the serenading gamelan, start with pre-wedding tradition from mangiran (body mask massage), siraman (flower bathing), panggih (meeting of the bride & groom), sungkeman (the request of blessing from the elders), to wiji dadi and tampa kaya (the symbolization of financial leader in the family). From lavish Royal Javanese Keraton wedding decoration, authentic dining experience, a classical wayang performance, to arranging an antique horse-cart ride through the nostalgic romance of Malang. Any wishes for a most special traditional Wedding day will be made true at Hotel Tugu
The Facilities
  • A surreally romantic, gigantic open-space area
  • Spacious 6-storey dining area up to 400 guest
  • 30 deluxe rooms and 19 suites with the heritages of the Dutch colonial era, the gradual fusion of the Indonesian and the Chinese cultures over many centuries as well as the humble beauty of traditional Indonesian masterpieces.
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Dedicated to you from the first inquiry to the last, our Wedding Assistant will help you to feel the majestic landscapes, beautiful Indonesian arts and ancient exotic architecture that transport guests back to past eras of Indonesia’s history – eras of ancient kingdoms, romantic legends and love tales of gods and goddesses, princes and princesses

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