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In the late 1960s in Blitar, there was an old Chinese Peranakan mother who was an expert in making cakes and breads and she became some sort of a legend. Before she died in the 1970s, she had bequeathed the recipe to a woman named Tante (Aunt) Bertha. In good faith, she taught the recipe to a few very selected other people, whom she trusted to continue to make the famous bread from Blitar, popularly known as bluder Blitar. Bluder Blitar is always handmade and cannot be made with factory modern equipment. It is so buttery and soft it melts in one’s mouth, and leaves a gentle sweetness in one’s mouth that reminds one of sweet days of childhood.

This bluder Blitar can be found at the Bread and Coffee Corner ‘Wak Seneng Nio & Aunt Bertha’, an old Dutch colonial bakery shop housed in one corner of the beautiful Tugu Kunstkring Paleis building, where one can find delicious homemade jams, other savory breads, sandwiches, cakes and cookies from old recipes of Dutch colonial times. This is also the perfect cosy place to indulge in a cup of coffee or exquisite tea. Choose from the very fine selection of Tugu tea blends as well as freshly roasted Java Robusta coffee from Tugu’s very own Kawisari Coffee Plantation in the hills of East Java, one of the oldest coffee plantations in the island.

This Bread and Coffee Corner has a seating capacity of 15 people.

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