Suzie Wong Lounge

The creation of this bar has been inspired by the famous novel by Richard Mason and the film ‘The World of Suzie Wong’ by Richard Mason, which starred William Holden and Nancy Kwan. The bittersweet love story took place in post-war Hong Kong in the late 1950s, between a beautiful girl known as Suzie Wong and an English painter who had just arrived in Hong Kong, Robert Lomax.

Forced into prostitution in order to support her child, Suzie Wong came to work at the Nam Kok Hotel (which was actually a reputable brothel) in Wanchai where Lomax rented a room to live in. This was Suzie Wong’s world, the world of the Hong Kong brothels, of kindness and friendships, of loyalty, of the unstinting helping hand, of desperate poverty. Robert was madly attracted at Suzie, however, he stayed clear of her for a long time as he did not want to share her with other men, whereas Suzie could not stop working in order to support her dream for her child’s education. Later on in the book and the movie, however, her child died after her house collapsed during a strong typhoon. The movie continued with the two going through difficult times, however, love won and they were finally united together. The movie was a big hit in the 60s. Cinemagoers loved it because the plot was both simple and complex. Two very different, lonely people thrive in their love despite all odds.

The Suzie Wong Bar is decorated with two giant posters, a former advertisement from a legendary movie theater in Menteng Jakarta in the 1960s. At the corner, a rickshaw from Wanchai brings in the romantic atmosphere of post-war Hong Kong 1950s. Beautiful oriental partition screens and a former movie preview featuring the movie as a best seller in Jakarta around the 1960s, as well as the Nam Kok Hotel sign, the Suzie Wong Bar nameplate, giant red lanterns and many other ornaments bring back the romantic aura of this movie from 1950s to this bar.


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