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Multatulli Room

The Multatuli room is dedicated to the life of Eduard Douwes Dekker (1820-1887), known by his pen name Multatuli, a famous Dutch writer who wrote the satirical novel Max Havelaar. His writing denounced the abuses of colonialism in Indonesia that he witnessed during his duty as Assistant Resident of Lebak, Edward Douwes Dekker found that the forced labor imposed on the people had exceeded the limit, including the practice of extortion which had been made by the Regent of Lebak and his officials by asking for crop or livestock from its people. Despite its terse writing style, it raised the awareness of citizens of Europe at that time, that the wealth they had gained and enjoyed had been the result of suffering in other parts of the world. This awareness eventually motivated the birth of the new Ethical Policy, by which the Dutch colonial government attempted to “repay” their debt to their colonial subjects by providing education to some classes of natives, generally members of the elite who were loyal to the colonial government.

The Multatuli room has a seating capacity of 15 persons.

Colonial Rijsttafel Room

This room is inspired by the famous royal dish “Rijsttafel” (a Dutch word that literally translates as “rice-table”), a celebratory meal performed for and adopted by the Dutch. The presentation of the Rijsttafel is quite spectacular, consisting of a wide array of dishes.

The culinary highlight is the Rijsttafel Betawi, taken from the culinary experience from the colonial times in Batavia. The grand meal consists of a sampling of a lot of different Indonesian dishes varying in spices, color and flavors. It is a true journey for the taste buds.

The Rijsttafel Room has a seating capacity of 8 guests.

Soekarno 1950 Room

The love and pride of the people of Indonesia for Soekarno have never grown any dimmer with the passage of time. Soekarno, a figure known as artist; fighter and proclamator of the Independence of Indonesia; the first president of the vast country and the national hero who had represented the young country at the Asia-Africa Conference in 1955, continues to be as legendary as ever.

It is to the honor of this great man that Tugu Kunstkring Paleis presents humbly the Soekarno Room 1950, so that his memories will always stay vividly alive in the hearts of the Indonesian people.

Soekarno Room 1950, on the second floor of the historical building of Tugu Kunstkring Paleis on Jalan Teuku Umar 1, Menteng, Central Jakarta, features an oversized table of solid wood surrounded with 26 seats. This is an inspirational place for art lovers to soak in the historical pieces associated with the life of young Sukarno. A black and white photo of young Soekarno brings to life the presence of the dashing figure in the room. Another photo recounts the sentence for imprisonment bestowed upon Soekarno and his two friends as they faced the colonial court in Bandung.

Raden Saleh Room

The Raden Saleh room is dedicated to the life of Raden Saleh Sjarif Boestaman (1811 – 1880). He was a pioneering Indonesian Romantic painter of Arab-Javanese ethnicity. He was considered to be the first “modern” artist from Indonesia (then Dutch East Indies), and his paintings corresponded with nineteenth-century romanticism which was popular in Europe at the time. He also expressed his cultural roots and inventiveness in his work. Most popular painting is “The Arrest of Pangeran Diponegoro”

The Arrest of Pangeran Diponegoro, which depicted the betrayal of the rebel leader Prince Diponegoro by the colonial government, thus ending the Java War in 1830. The Prince was tricked into entering Dutch custody near Magelang, believing he was there for negotiations of a possible cease-fire. He was captured through treachery and later deported.

The Raden Saleh room has a seating capacity of 16 – 20 persons.

Hercules Room

As the son of a Roman God, Zeus, the myth of Hercules and its literature has been well-known among the popular culture. He was the greatest of the Greek heroes and a champion of the Olympian against the underworld monsters. As you come in to the Hercules room, you will find a sculpture of the mighty of Herluces, one of the greatest collections of Bapak Anhar Setjadibrata which previously belonged to one of the richest family in Indonesia.

The Hercules room has a seating capacity of 14 persons.

Darna Room

The Darna room is dedicated to Indonesia’s Urban Legend in 1810s. Based on true story novel written by G. Francis in 1896, Njai Darna was published and later on played on the Indonesia’s big screen in 1940s. Becoming one of Soekarno Hatta’s favorite love-tragedy movies, this movie became very popular among Batavians in time.

The Darna room has a seating capacity of 12 persons.

Tugu Menara Room(s)

Whether it’s your anniversary, a boys or girls date out, special intimate occasion with your friends, or a special romantic dinner with your loved one(s), sometimes we just need a little privacy along with our meal to make things that much more special for you and your guests – and that calls for Tugu Menara private dining room(s). Tugu Menara room is decorated with stunning tower, which made your moment so much more authetic.

Tugu Menara room has a seating capacity of 4 persons.

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