Classical Dance Preformance


“This classical dance is based on a real event, that happened between the 12th and 13th centuries. Three dancers perform it and the first character to be seen on the stage is a Condong (female clown). The other two Legongs appear later representing the princess Rangkesari of Daha and King Lasem, who forcibly carries of Rangkesari. She persistently refuses to love him (Lasem), meanwhile, she learnt that the prince of Kahuripan to whom she is betrothed is coming to her rescue. Lasem would sooner confront the prince that to return Rangkesari to him. On his way to battle, Lasem comes across a raven (the Condong appears again with two wings, representing the raven), and an indication of bad omen, Lasem chases the bird away, proceeds to the battle and the fight he is killed.”

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