8 VIP Rooms for private dining and functions

Lara Djonggrang can host your every event. No matter how big or small.

China Blue Room

The China Blue Room exudes an artistic ambience and pays tribute to the rich historical past of the ethnic Chinese in Indonesia and Indochina. The main dining area boasts massive floor-to-ceiling stone reliefs of a pair of Chinese gods believed to be the guards of the gates to the afterlife. One of the walls is dominated by a large black-and-white photograph of one of the sugar king Oei Tiong Ham’s concubines. Indulge in an exquisite imperial cuisine escapade and choose from several uniquely themed private dining VIP rooms.

The China Blue Room accommodates up to 28 people.

La Bihzad Bar & Lounge

La Bihzad Bar & Lounge is the only new addition to the restored Dutch mansion. The roof was lovingly reassembled, piece by piece, out of an old dismantled Chinese temple in Surabaya. The pillars and ceilings were rescued from 200-year-old to-be-demolished temples in Malang. The ageing mural on the wall, tribute to the 15th-century Persian painter Kamal-udin Bihzad, tells the story of the punishment of the elephant-headed evil genies by King Solomon and Queen Sheba. The antique tile floor, adorned with simple floral patterns and painstakingly collected by Anhar Setjadibrata, was originally produced in Mas Triij, The Netherlands.

La Bihzad Bar & Lounge accommodates up to 60 people.


Siam Room

Lara Djonggrang Room

An impressive five-metre-tall statue of Princess Lara Djonggrang stands tall and proud in the Lara Djonggrang Room, marking the highlight of the restaurant. Hers is a tragic story of love, honour and integrity, depicted in her turned out palms, signifying her refusal to marry Bandung Bondowoso, the man who killed her father. Read more on the legend of Lara Djonggrang…

The Lara Djonggrang Room accommodates up to 26 people.

Soekarno Room

Soekarno Room, representing Hotel Tugu Blitar, is named after Indonesia’s first president. It features collages of old photos and newspaper clippings of Soekarno, courtesy of his daughter, Megawati Soekarnoputri. The private Tugu Bali Room, inspired by Hotel Tugu’s beachfront property in Bali, celebrates Le Mayeur, a Belgian painter whose love for Ni Pollok, a Balinese Legong dancer, brought him to Bali. From a pencil sketch of Ni Pollok and antique furniture courtesy of the dancer herself to paintings of traditional Balinese dances and an antique table from Mario Blanco, this room luxuriates in Balinese art and culture. Tugu Malang Room, the largest of the private dining rooms in Lara Djonggrang, is adorned with historical art and artefacts from Cambodia, Myanmar and Indonesia.

Malang Room

Bali Room

Marylin Monroe Room

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