Kokok Pletok Restaurant

Hotel Tugu Lombok’s main restaurant is housed in a rustic open air space with 15 meter tall thatched ceiling overlooking the ocean and tropical landscape. Connected through a bridge from the original Ampenan reception house, it’s conception was inspired by a Hindu Majapahit tale of a beautiful princess, Dewi Sri. The sound of the rooster (Kokok Pletok) was aptly chosen as it signals the first sighting of the sun in the early mornings. Under the rooster roof which can be seen from miles and miles way, a tribute to the goddess Dewi Sri stood tall.
One of Lombok’s best restaurant, Kokok Pletok Restaurant serves Asian-tinged fine international cuisine, as well as authentic Indonesian cuisine for which Tugu is renown for. The restaurant also prides itself in personalized service in catering whatever it is desired by the guests and is able to follow any dietary restrictions. Guests are able to dine casually as they lounge around the expansive ground or request a more formal, romantic setting.

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