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Hotel Tugu Lombok Facilities
Hotel Tugu Lombok Spa
Hotel Tugu Lombok Spa
Hotel Tugu Lombok Spa

Hening Swarga

Hening Swarga literally means Heavenly Silence – a heavenly serenity that is inspired by Nirvana-like non-existence. The open-air Hening Swarga Temple invites the Indian Ocean breeze; a subtle hint of incenses and tropical flowers surrounding the temple. In its silence, one can hear the heavenly song of Bhagavat Gita, sung by the gods and goddesses – just like in the time of the Majapahit kingdom.

The Hening Swarga Spa consists of a giant open-air temple spa room with nooks lit by oil lamps, an extra-long spa bed for both spouses to enjoy treatment head-to-head, a giant jacuzzi bathtub with jets, fully facing the Indian Ocean, hundreds-years-old relief of temples on display, and staircases leading up to the top of the temple, where a magical dinner under the full moon, yoga or meditation can be held next to the soaring tower of beautiful Singhasari and Majapahit statues as well as 180 degrees of oceanview, surrounded by palm trees. The spa shop sells jamus and spa spices from the archipelago.

Magic flowers like Tropical Magnolia, Rose, Jasmine and Ylang Ylang are believed by local people to be the flowers of the supreme gods, and certain incenses, known as ‘dupa’ gifted from and lit for Shiva, called kemenyan were burned on special days under old banyan trees to protect the souls of men. These ancient practices were used to stimulate spiritual energy and bring the mind to a state of relaxation. Mantras or spiritual chants were made over the body whilst treating it to add a sense of calm and deepen the connection between the giver and receiver, the divine and the mundane and the real and surreal worlds in which we dwell.


At the Tugu Hotels we combine these elements to bring a sense of magic, mysticism and marvel to our spa and allow our guests to enter a time of great wonder, a time where legends were made and man and his gods conversed daily.


Hening Swarga Spa – Hening means silence and swarga is heaven – is within the walls of an ancient Hindu Temple that overlooks the never ceasing movement of the ocean breaking onto Sire Beach and the peaceful slopes of the majestic Mount Rinjani.

This ancient temple is made complete with pillars carved with mythological animals and contains a luxuriously large indoor bathing pool.

Hotel Tugu Lombok Spa
Hotel Tugu Lombok Spa

Pijitan – Eastern Massages

Tugu Volcanic and Sea Shell Facial Pampering

75 minutes
Idr 605.000 ++ per person

Seashells contain the powerful yet subtle energies of the ocean. This signature facial treatment that is unique to the spas at Tugu is begun with a soothing, circular massage of the face, neck and eyes, visiting important relaxation and pressure points. Following this deeply relaxing massage, a fine scrub of East Lombok seashell powder containing rich minerals and Indonesian wild ginger root, temu giring, mixed with purified white rose water is then applied using black volcanic sea stones. These special ingredients have immediate effects: the skin will feel completely invigorated, smoother and suppler. After that, the powerful anti-aging agent, extra-virgin cold-pressed coconut oil is massaged to nourish the skin. This treatment is finally completed with a choice of natural masks depending to your skin type. This special facial treatment gives the benefits of improving sleep, increasing energy levels, and releasing tension, anxiety, and tiredness. Post treatment, drift away into a deeper internal peace and relaxation in a greater awareness of oneness with nature, and enjoy a feeling of balance and harmony in your mind, soul and body

“Pijitan” Leha-Leha (Stress Relaxing Massage)

30 minutes
Idr 400.000 ++ per person

A deep massage to relieve muscular tension especially after a long journey. Working on pressure points of the back, shoulder, head and face. The massage balances energy for your well-being.

“Pijitan” Kepala (Scalp Massage)

45 minutes
Idr 500.000 ++ per person

“Pijitan“ kepala is designed to revitalize your hair and to relax your neck and shoulder. This treatment begins with a brush massage working into the scalp for maximum comfort and relaxation. A natural aloe-vera gel, extract of avocado and candlenut oil (kemiri) is worked into the hair to strengthen the hair. The scalp is deeply massaged for about 25 minutes, along with neck and shoulders.

“Pijitan” Bali (Balinese Massage)

60 minutes
Idr 550.000 ++ per person
Idr 1.000.000 ++ per couple

It is a deep-tissue massage, a traditional Balinese massage technique that is passed from generation to generation, using coconut oils and pressure on specific points of the body.

“Pijitan” Jawa (Javanese Massage)

60 minutes
Idr 550.000 ++ per person

This is a deep-tissue massage, a traditional massage that has been practiced for centuries by Javanese people using coconut oil for the wellness of body and mind.

“Pijitan” Wangi Bunga (Floral Aromatherapy)                                                             

60 minutes
Idr 550.000 ++ per person

“Pijitan“ Wangi Bunga includes a full body massage utilizing the positive effects of tropical floral aromatic essential oils such as melati (jasmine), cempaka (tropical magnolia), kamboja (frangipani), mawar (roses), bambu (bamboo), etc to enhance the service. The positive effects achieved by inhaling and having the floral essential oils absorbed through the skin can maximize the body massage activation

“Pijitan” Dandang Watoe (Stone Massage)                                                                  

120 minutes
Idr 1.075.000 ++ per person

A perfect rhythm combination of ancient massage therapy using stones from Yang Tze River (China) and Gunung Kidul (Central Java) stones. The stones are steamed in traditional steamer filled with herbs until the stone absorb the fragrant from these stones are placed on specific points of the body while chanting mantras. The above practice cannot be found anymore, however with an effort to preserve the forgotten history of Indonesia, Hotel Tugu Bali creates “Pijitan“ Dandang Watoe based on the ancient traditions of Javanese society

Treatments from the ancient arts as delivered in the private quarters to the members of the Royal families.

“Keraton Leha-Leha” at Hening Swarga Spa

5 Hours
Idr 3.200.000 ++ per couple
Idr 1.900.000 ++ per person

This is a complete treatment meant for rejuvenation of the mind creating a state of ecstasy for all senses. The Kreaton Leha-Leha Treatment is available in our outdoor spa or any spa room of your choice. Traditionally the treatment takes place in our al fresco treatment hut caressed by a gentle sea breeze will leave you daydreaming and as relaxed as you have never been before. You will get pampered from head to toe in the soft mysterious charm of the past floating in this simple hut. The massage is followed by a “mandi bunga” a floral bath and also the Ratus Wangi treatment. This is a hair perfuming treatment where the hair is perfumed with the smokes from the burning incents. Complete your experience with a delicious yet healthy lunch prepared by our Chef to round up this royal treatment or spend some time for meditation or relaxation and let the sound of the waves inspire you…

Keraton Manicure

60 minutes
Idr 275.000 ++ per person

This finger fabulous treatment starts with a cleansing soak in warm water, aloe vera and the essence of tropical flowers. It continues with a hand massage with floral oils that will reach in and relax your whole body. At the end of the treatment an exfoliation of the arms and hands takes place to leave everything smooth and relaxed.

Keraton Pedicure

60 minutes
Idr 275.000 ++ per person

Devotional soaking of the feet in flower filled warm water is followed by an exquisite foot massage that follows the style of the Javanese devotional massage delivered to members of the Royal family. The treatment finishes with a lulur and mangir that exfoliates and softens the skin of the legs and feet.

Floral Facial Aroma Therapy

45 minutes
Idr 495.000 ++ per person

A very popular treatment is the relaxing facial massage that works on two levels, the inhalation of the essential oils promotes relaxation and healing while the properties of the oils on the skin rejuvenate and replenish, leaving the skin looking dew fresh and clear.

Keraton Treatment

150 minutes
Idr 1.075.000 ++ per person

This is a combination of a variety of techniques and treatments that replicate the full body treatments given in the Royal Palaces before special occasions. The Keraton Treatment applies the Royal Javanese full body treatment that introduces the cultural beauty and health practices of the ancient Javanese courts. The experience starts with the Wangi, a perfuming treatment that uses steam to infuse floral essences into the hair, and is followed by a forty five minute traditional Bali massage, a Royal Javanese Luluran, an all natural body scrub, and ends with a soak in a relaxing Mandi Susu Bunga, a milk and tropical flower bath.

Mandi Lulur

150 minutes
Idr 1.075.000 ++ per person

This beautiful treatment is inspired by the traditional wedding preparations from Java. It is delivered every day for one week prior to their wedding ceremony. This wonderful experience smoothes and exfoliates the skin and rejuvenates the body through expert massage that uses a combination of Javanese massage and herbal peeling to exfoliate dead skin cells. Then a relaxation through immersion in a herbal bath. To complete the treatment a ‘bedak dingin kuno’ a cool powder is applied to the body to complete the pleasure of relaxation.

Four-Hands Massage

60 minutes
Idr 850.000 ++ per person

In a four-hands massage, two therapists use synchronized moves to induce a total body and mind relaxation, almost in an otherworldly sense of the word. Our therapists choreograph slow, detailed moves of varying paces and pressures to the body that make four hands feel like a dozen hands. At first, one may find oneself trying to keep track where each therapist is and what each one is doing. But very quickly the brain gives up control and gives in to a meditative bliss state of mind as muscle tension and stress melt entirely.

Luluran – Body Scrub

60 minutes
Idr 550.000 ++ per person

Beginning with a traditional Balinese long stroke massage and continued with an exfoliation process to freshen the skin from head to toe this treatment is the ideal way to counter tired and discoloured skin. Taking this treatment on a regular basis keeps the skin clear, clean and healthy. Temugiring Extracts, Curcuma Beyneana, helps soften and improve the texture and complexion of the skin. This treatment allows for a sensation of true pampering.

Mandi Rempah – Herbal and Milk Bath

45 minutes
Idr 495.000 ++ per person

This finale to all treatments is recommended to complete any massage. A soak in a bath of traditional spices, dried herbs, milk, vetiver -Akar Wangi-and several herbal roots that infuse the waters with healing and enlivening elements. This bath is perfect for enjoying the sensual exhilaration of natural health giving herbs and spices.

Satria Yoga the Art of Breathing

90 minutes
Idr 400.000 ++ per person

Satria Yoga is an active and dynamic yoga that combines physical and mental training. Satria Yoga encompasses three components in the training: breathing, movement and concentration exercises.

The Satria breathing techniques are based upon taking breath through the nose into the lower abdomen using the diaphragm. Lung capacity is increased, especially in the lower chambers. Together with this expansion the muscles of the chest and the flexibility of the ribs is trained. This is called “Baby Breath” Throughout the whole exercise “Baby Breath” is used and held in 15-second rotations. During the exercise as the breath is held the amount of oxygen in the lungs decreases while metabolic energy increases. This is called “MPO” or “Metabolism Poor Oxygen”. This increases the hemoglobin levels in the blood, this then allows for absorption of food essences from the intestines and removes excess. In Satria Yoga there are seventeen different postures that work the entire body to make it flexible and also strong. The concentration exercises train the mind to focus on the breathing and postures. At the end of the exercises your mind will be trained to connect to the chakras of the body through posture breathing and concentration.


Satria Yoga can be practiced by both male and female from 16 years and over. Our practice is divided into three sections with a total duration of 90minutes. The results of the practice of Satria Yoga result in

  • Revitalization of the common body system with better physical condition and resistance against disease and ill health.
  • Development of a energy field and the forming of an inner strength.


Asanas, or postures are a scientific system of exercises developed thousands of years ago by yogis who studied the path of the physical, mental and spiritual body. They maintained the health of the body through stimulating circulation, limbering the joints and toning the muscles. This also massaged the internal organs and calmed and eased the mind.

Asanas are totally different from vigorous or strenuous exercises. In asanas the gentle movement, accompanied by deep controlled breathing creates a deep relaxation in the muscles and nerves. The most important effect of the asanas is on the endocrine system that has a profound influence on the emotional and conscious state of our being.

Moonlight SPA Retreat for Two

Idr 2.500.000 ++ per couple

A dreamy, pleasurable exotic and romantic massage on the beach spa for a couple enhanced by a glass of sparkling wine, tasty canapés and ending with romantic dinner for two with bonfire by the sea.

The program:

6.30-7.30pm the Waves Massage

It is a deep-tissue massage, feel the relaxation through the magic hands, to the sound of the ocean

7.30-8pm a glass of wine* with selection of canapés

(*Shiraz or cabernet sauvignon or chardonnay or sauvignon blanc)

8pm onwards Dinner on the beach with bonfire

Tugu Mini Rijstafel

Original family recipe from Northern of Lombok is a rice platter with slow cooked beef, fish satay, shredded of herbs marinated chicken, fish marinated with Lombok spices wrapped in banana leaves, sautéed ferntips, vegetables in grated coconut, Fried Soy Bean cake

Tropical Fresh Fruit Platter

Tropical Fruit Slices of Watermelon, Melon, Pineapple, Papaya (seasonal Fruits)

Your choice of Tea or Coffee

With your choice of infusion (only for tea)

Ginger – Hot Lemongrass – Fresh Mint

Mother and Daughter Treatment

2 hours
Idr 1,500.000 ++

Treat yourself and your daughter to a very special girls bonding time in this little slice of paradise. Start with a 30 minutes indulgence massage or hair cream bath, followed by an hour manicure & pedicure. End the treatment with your choice of tea and sweets privately served in our ‘heavenly silence’ Hening Swarga Spa terrace.

At all Tugu Hotels our spas reflect the history of the oriental secrets of longevity and beauty. For centuries the Javanese, Peranakan and Balinese people have followed a path of health and beauty that today is referred to as ‘spa’. This concept was created by Europeans in the mid eighteenth century to describe a way of living that encompassed positive practices of wellness and health. In the East these practices have been a part of daily life since time immemorial and combined with the spiritual practices the physical practices took on an element far more magical than that of the European counterpart. This magical sense can be attributed to the knowledge practitioners had of the use of flowers, aromas, textures and colours in the treatment of disharmonious energies.

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